General terms & conditions

Promotion Terms & Conditions

These Offers May Be Changed or Terminated At Any Time

SpotOn Rewards

•Each order of $20 or more (pre-tax) will earn the customer a spot for every $20 (pre-
tax) that they spent on that order

•Purchases are not cumulative, spots will be calculated on each individual purchase.

•Customer must be registered with SpotOn before they can begin to receive spots

•After initial registration with SpotOn in-store and the optional Facebook spots, customer
will only receive spots for purchases.

Start Date: 5/16/13

Bloomin Birthday Discount

•1 Item Per Customer Birthday Year

•Customer must redeem the birthday deal using the SpotOn tablet in-store during their
birthday month.

•Must Show Valid Proof of Age

•Some Exclusions Apply

•This Offer May Be Terminated or Changed At Any Time

Start Date: 4/9/13

Bloomin Prayer Shawls

•No Limit to Number Of Prayer Shawls Completed

•Customer May Use Their Own Pattern or Yarn as long as prayer shawl is a 12 inch

•Each Returned 12 inch square prayer shawl is good for $1 in-store credit

Start Date: 4/9/13

Refer A Friend

•There is no limit to how many friends you can refer.

•They must be a new customer and make a purchase.

•They must bring in a flyer with your signed name (which you can pick up in store).

•The $5 dollars will be applied as store credit to your in-store account.

Start Date: 3/24/13


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